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Better known as Wholistic Goddess, Ms. Jey is a certified herbalist and holistic health coach based in Philadelphia. As the founder and CEO of Wholistic Healing Shop, she affords alkaline herbal blends and natural vegan products to be readily available online to individuals of all lifestyles. 

Ms. Jey grew up as most Americans do, consuming a standard American diet replete with preservatives and unrecognizable ingredients. Her enlightenment came six years ago whilst experiencing minor health issues. Amidst this adversity, her mindset and ways of thinking– not only about health, but also about life and well being were immensely challenged. Recognizing that a change was in order, she transitioned to a vegan diet, shifting her entire lifestyle to a holistic one. This experience illuminated her true and divine purpose: helping others to make that same shift to a natural and holistic lifestyle as well. 

Emboldened by her personal experience with holistic living and her passion for helping people, she founded Wholistic Healing with the aim of aiding others on their health and spiritual journeys. In addition to her herbal blends and natural vegan products, Ms. Jey formulated a 5-week detox course in which she thoughtfully incorporated the fundamental elements necessary to begin the transition into a vegan diet– detoxing, fasting, and consuming raw foods and alkaline herbs. 

As a strong proponent for natural medication and natural healing with herbs, she gave natural birth to two healthy vegan children and continues to incorporate all that she’s learned into her everyday life. Though the journey to holistic living may not be initially easy, Ms. Jey assures her clients she’ll be alongside them as they stay the course of progressing to a holistic and vegan lifestyle. When not guiding others on their journeys, you’ll undoubtedly find her spending time with her family, meditating in nature, or curled up with a good book, sipping a cup of tea. 

(Please note: Ms. Jey is not a medical doctor. She believes in and advocates for natural medication and natural healing with herbs, having both experienced and witnessed their benefits and impacts firsthand.) 

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