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Wholistic Yoni Steam for women

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This Sacred blend of organic herbs was created to cleanse the womb of the Divine Goddess.

The Divine power of the Womb is the essential power of creation & it is the Divine feminine power that creates EVERYTHING!

~Yoni steaming is an opportunity to connect deeply & cherish all aspects of our bodies. As we learn to enjoy our wombs as the beautiful, sacred centers that they are, we deepen our relationship with the "Divine feminine Energy" that lies within every woman.

~Yoni Steaming is the process of boiling herbs that have healing properties and allowing the steam from the hot water to evaporate up into the yoni. Sitting over the herbs relaxed with the bottom half of your body covered to trap the steam inside.

It moisturize & tightens the vaginal canal After giving birth and helps with postpartum dryness.

~Steaming before & after your cycle eliminates heavy menstrual cramps, reduces bloating & cleanses the womb after each cycle.

~The effectiveness of steaming isn't limited to just eliminating reproductive issues. It has the ability to release spiritual ties & energy that no longer serve our highest good.

This Blend is made with Organic Red raspberry Leaf, rose buds, Organic Lavender , Organic Chamomile, Damiana, Chaparral, Oregano, Calendula & Rosemary.

This Divine yoni steam is a 4oz bag which consists of 3-4 steaming sessions.

Directions: Before performing a yoni steam, sage yourself and the area, Light a candle or incense to set the mood, turn on meditation music (if you choose)

Bring 1 liter of water to a boil then place 1/3 of herbs in boiling water, turn off stove, cover and steep for 10 mins. 

While herbs are steeping, set up the area where you will be performing your steam, preferably somewhere comfortable with some privacy.

There are several ways to steam, you get on your knees, purchase a yoni steam seat, squat down, bowl over your toilet. 

Make sure the temperature is mild before sitting over steam to avoid burns.

Cover yourself with a towel large enough to cover your bottom half making sure that the steam stays within the blanket.

If you’re not comfortable with yoni steaming You can boil the herbs and put them in your bath water for a YONI CLEANSING BATH.


~I am a divine Goddess with a Divine womb.

~My womb is a sacred and creative space where I can create anything.

~I now release spiritual ties & negative energy from my womb.

~I am now cleansing and removing physical & spiritual toxins from my womb.

~ I am now connected to the divine feminine within me.

~I will no longer let low vibration entities within my womb.

You can mentally or verbally say these affirmations with your eyes closed, or you can write them in a journal.

It's best to perform this session right before bed.

Do not steam during pregnancy, when menstruating or if you have IUD.

If any health conditions speak with your holistic doctor before steaming.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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